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As shown in the AMAZING video on the left, Obama and Malcolm X look EXTREMELY alike... much more so than the resemblance between him and either Barack Sr. or Frank Marshall Davis! WITHOUT EXCEPTION... those who laugh that off... stop laughing when they click the PLAY button on this video!

If you are in a big hurry, and only have time to watch a few seconds of the video, then be sure to at least watch the following portions: 0:16-0:24, 0:41-1:02, 2:35-2:52

Also, if you can’t play the video, there are photos here.


Unlike the video above, the photo to the right is NOT something we would consider amazing proof. But the resemblence is close enough to be noteworthy. In the uncropped original photo from which the left-side photo was copied, there appears to be a white women holding this black baby at that Malcolm X rally. But the black and white photo was too low-resolution to know for sure. See for yourself here

BONUS: here is a documentary about abuses and fraud used by Obama operatives in the 2008 Democrat primary to defeat Hillary Clinton. MANY eyewitness accounts... most from Hillary-supporting democrats. WATCH...then SHARE... and feel free to copy this text for your posts about this.

Those who have stated that a "Venezuela/Chavez" situation "couldn't happen here"... SHOULD watch this video. And, sadly, this is a HUGE warning sign about potential egregious cheating in the upcoming 2012 election. Hillary Clinton would have probably won the 2008 Democrat Primary if it had been conducted fairly!